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They design industrial vehicle tyres for backhoe loaders, small wheeled loaders, forklifts, dumper trucks, combine harvesters, and telehandlers. Good quality industrial tyres will give you trouble free operation and long life, so it’s worth investing in the best quality specialty tyres you can afford.

Industrial tyres are different to other tyres as they offer excellent lateral stability and are resistant to cuts and punctures. When considering what brand of industrial tyre to fit to your vehicle, an important factor in your choice will be the amount of grip the industrial tyre gives you on hard surfaces. Or, how well that heavy duty tyre performs over rough terrain.

At 2U Tyres we deal with all industrial tyre manufacturers that offer a wide range of either radial tyres and crossply/biased tyres. So we are bound to have tyres for your vehicle that ticks all the boxes.

Industrial & Construction Tyres For All Equipment

For many years at 2U Tyres in Petersfield, we’ve supplied and fitted pneumatic tyres for industrial vehicles with tyres of all sizes. We stock tyres for all major brands and applications, and have fitted them to thousands of different industrial vehicles and construction equipment. We work with tyre brands like BKT, Camso, Ceat, Firestone, Continental, Goodyear, and Vredestein to give our customers an amazing level of tyre choice.

We know that fitting industrial tyres is not a simple task, and not something that your normal tyre company will take on. But, 2U Tyres is different, we’re a cut above the rest and all of our industrial tyre fitters are fully trained, and qualified to IMI standards. This means that you will not only receive the highest level of customer service from us, but also great value industrial tyres fitted by experts.

As members of the Independent Tyre Distributors Network, we also offer tyre services and emergency mobile call out solutions for national contracts and fleet operators.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer solid tyres for your forklifts. This type of industrial tyre for forklift trucks needs specialist fitting. But, call us on 01730 233399 and we’d be happy to put you in touch with a local forklift specialist who we work with in Petersfield.

A cornerstone of 2U Tyres business mission statement is to reduce the long term operating costs of our clients’ industrial vehicles. We achieve this by working with our clients and understanding what they want to achieve from their vehicles and plant machinery. With this knowledge we can handpick the most appropriate industrial and construction equipment tyres to suit the needs of the vehicles in your fleet.

What tyres should I choose for my JCB 3CX?

With industrial equipment that has 4x4 capability, like your JCB Sitemaster, it’s important to follow manufacturers guidelines for tyre sizes. The rolling diameter of the front tyres and rear tyres must match the gearing of your four-wheel-drive system, or you could face problems and wear, or damage to your vehicle.

The width of the tyre you choose is not so important, wider softer tyres are better on wet or soft soil. This will also help with soil compaction issues. Our industrial application tyre experts are always on call to help you choose the correct tyres for your JCB 3CX, or other industrial tractors.

What’s the difference between tubed and tubeless industrial tyres?

There are some obvious reasons to choose tubed industrial vehicle tyres, rather than tubeless tyre construction industrial tyres. Puncture repair being one of them. But, do you know the difference between the two tyre construction types?

Tubeless industrial tyres are manufactured with their own integral liner. This liner helps to stop air in the tyre escaping from the bead of the tyre at the wheel rim. They’re also designed to minimise the damage done when you get a puncture.

Tubed type industrial tyres, on the other hand, have a separate tyre inner tube, which is an additional purchase. This makes it easier to repair punctures and therefore extends the life of the tyre.

Tubeless construction equipment tyres are also more resistant to overheating, caused by tight cornering on hard surfaces. But if the wheel rims are old or damaged, then they may suffer with air leaks. A tubed tyre doesn’t have this problem as the inner tube acts like an air bladder, so it doesn't leak air unless it’s punctured.

What’s the best tyres to fit to my dump truck?

Tyres for dump trucks, or dumper trucks, are a compromise between load capacity and speed. Dumper trucks don’t travel quickly, so tyre manufacturers can attribute more load capacity to the dumper tyres. Dumper truck tyre manufacturers like Starco use an ‘open centre lug’ tyre pattern for dump trucks, which are classed as agricultural tyres or implement tyres, by the ETRTO regulations.

When you are looking for new dumper truck tyres, you need to consider what your tyre, and dump truck, needs to achieve. You’ll need to answer questions like:

  • Does my dump truck work under challenging conditions?
  • Do my dump truck tyres require traction, flotation, or protection?
  • Will my dumper truck carry a heavy weight?
  • How fast will my dump truck be driven?
  • Are fuel performance, longevity and operator comfort important?
  • Will my dump truck be driven on the road?

2U Tyres in Petersfield offer dumper truck tyres that are designed to deliver these qualities, for a competitive price. We stock tyres for your vehicles from tyre manufacturers that use advanced rubber compounds in their industrial tyres that ensure both reliability and safety. Our tyres are also designed to maintain the performance of your industrial vehicle, which allows you to run an efficient business.

For all of your industrial tyres in Petersfield, 2U Tyres is your No.1 choice for all vehicle tyres and repairs. Just call us for our latest industrial tyre price list. Our automotive specialists will keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, and running reliably.

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