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Tractors are used for a variety of jobs around the farm, and come in a massive range of size, weight and horsepower. The tractor you use depends on several factors, as well as the task in hand, the crops you plant, and the distance traveled. Each situation could require a unique set of tractor tyres to suit. So, choosing the right tractor tyre is an important factor, yet an easy way to adapt your vehicle to the type of work you carry out the most.

Finding a tractor tyre supplier near you that understands the demands that you put on your farm machinery, as well as what down time means, is important. That’s why we can supply tractor tyres directly to you, and fit them at the farm. Tyres from Vredestein, BKT and Galaxy are popular choices for farm and tractor tyres. Because they offer a great balance between cost, long life, and performance.

2U Tyres Supplier of Agricultural Tyres in Petersfield

2U Tyres in Petersfield are Hampshire’s leading agricultural tractor and farm tyre supplier to the local farming community. We have access to a huge range of agricultural tyres from the best agricultural tyre manufacturers. We supply tyres for all farm vehicles and road licenced tractors, and can supply the tyres you want at a great price.

From 10x28 crossply vintage tractor tyres for your ‘Little Grey Fergie’ to the latest tyres that are made using radial tyre construction technology. We have the right agricultural front tyres and rear tyres for your tractor and even offer a free mobile fitting service, in the Petersfield area..

There are many benefits of fitting modern radial tyres to your tractor. Radial tyres flex more and dissipate heat better when compared to crossply tyres. Radial tractor tyres also give you a wider, longer tread footprint, this means that they slip less and provide more traction in the field, while reducing soil compaction.

This in-turn increases your tractor’s power transfer efficiency and reduces fuel consumption. Thus, offering you fuel savings in the long run.

When should I replace my farm tractor tyres?

The number 1 reason for replacing your tractor tyres is when they wear too much. When your agricultural tyres are over 80% worn, they will lose traction, especially when the field is wet. This will take you longer to get the job done and use more fuel while doing it.

Agricultural tyres have a hard life, and often become damaged by hidden rocks, metal fence posts, or even a deer's antlers lying on the ground. If these damage the tyre so that you can see the tyre’s plies, or steel belts, the tyre needs to be replaced. The tyre’s body plies and belts give the tyre strength. If these get damaged, the tyre could become unusable or dangerous.

If you have damage to your tractor’s tyres they may start to leak air. Leading to you using your tractor with under inflated tyres. Under inflated tyres means that the tyre’s sidewalls will deflect more than they’re designed to, which could damage them beyond repair.

How long do tractor tyres last?

As a rule of thumb, running on badly worn, or damaged tyres is a false economy. Your tractor or agricultural vehicle is a tool that makes you money, so its reliability is important.

The major component of your tractor tyre is rubber, and rubber is perishable. This means that your tyres will degrade, even if you don’t use them. This is particularly true if your farm equipment spends extended periods of time outside, being attacked by the UV rays of the sun.

To maintain the reliability of your tractor, and maximise your profitability, you should have a regular tyre maintenance program in place. Consider replacing your tractor tyres every five years, even if they are not completely worn out.

What size are tractor tyres?

It should come as no surprise that different sized tractors are fitted with different size tyres. As well as different tyre styles that depend on the job you ask them to do. To determine the size of the tyre your tractor needs, we need to know the tyre size, which is moulded into the sidewall of the tractor tyre.

Tyre manufacturers write tyre sizes in two styles, which depend on whether you have a biased/crossply tyre, or a radial one.

If your tractor uses the older biased tyres, they write the tyre size format as, 10 - 28. Here the 10 means that the tyre is 10 inches wide, and the 28 means that the tyre fits a wheel rim that’s 28 inches in diameter. The last part of the puzzle is the ‘ - ’, this means the tyre is a biased/crossply tyre, rather than a radial tyre.

Newer, radial tractor tyres, have a similar format, although there are some differences. Mainly, that they mix metric and imperial sizes!

So, a tractor tyre with the size, 650/85R38, written on it means that the tyre is 650 millimeters wide and the sidewall is 85 millimeters high. The ‘R’ means that it’s a radial tyre, and the 38 means the wheel rim needed for that tyre is 38 inches in diameter. Think car tyre sizes, it’s the same style.

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