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Winter tyres are gaining popularity in the UK as drivers have realised that you don’t have to be driving on snow and ice with snow tyres, to benefit from the extra grip winter tyres give you on slippery cold wet roads.

Because cold weather tyres are grippier than your standard car tyres, they make driving in all weather conditions safer, as long as the outside temperature drops below 7°C.

They make winter tyres with more silica in their rubber construction. This means the rubber stays supple and therefore flexible, even in freezing conditions. This then allows the tyre to cling to the road more efficiently than your standard tyres. The rubber compound that standard car tyres are made of becomes more rigid in cooler climates, which negatively affects their ability to stick to the road.

Winter Tyre Experts in Petersfield

2U Tyres are the number 1 supplier of the best winter tyres in Petersfield and the surrounding areas. We carry large stocks of seasonal tyres for most vehicles by some of the best tyre suppliers in the UK. We work closely with tyre brands like Continental, Michelin, and Hancook to give you the best budget winter tyre options.

It’s not just cars that benefit from having winter tyres fitted, we also fit these special tyres for motorcycles. Grip is everything for motorcycles, so if you ride your motorcycle during the winter months it makes sense to use winter motorcycle tyres that warm up quickly and dissipate rainwater effectively.

How do winter tyres work?

Winter tyres differ from standard car tyres in 3 major ways. These differences allow the tyre to be more effective in cold weather.

  1. Winter tyres use a rubber compound that contains more silica than standard tyres. This allows the winter tyre to flex and grip the road surface better than a standard car tyre.
  2. The tyre tread pattern is also different. It’s designed to have more grooves than a normal tyre. This helps to displace water quickly and allows the tyre to bite into ice or snow on the road.
  3. The rubber blocks that make up the tyre’s tread pattern are designed to flex and vibrate. This makes it difficult for snow or ice to clog them up, and cause you to skid on those slippery road surfaces.

Can you use winter tyres in summer?

Of course, but we wouldn’t recommend it, unless you live in a place that never gets above 7°C. Winter vehicle tyres are not designed to wear well in warm climates. This means that their soft rubber compounds will wear quickly and cost you £££ to replace them more frequently.

In warm weather winter tyres also offer less grip and traction than standard car tyres, so your road safety could be at risk. Most people that use these special tyres for their winter driving have them fitted to a second set of wheel rims which they store in their garage, or shed in the summer months.

Is it legal to use winter tyres on UK roads?

Yes, it’s legal to use winter tyres on your vehicle. But it’s also not a legal requirement to use them if you’d rather not. If you fit winter tyres and summer tyres, it’s best practice to use matched sets of tyres, because of the way winter tyres are more grippy in colder climates than standard car tyres are. Using mismatched pairs of tyres could be unsafe and lead to an accident.

If you cover more miles than average in your vehicle, it could mean that your vehicle requires servicing more frequently. If this is the case you could schedule swapping your summer and winter tyres over during your vehicle’s service, or other regular maintenance.

Have you ever driven in Europe? If so, in some European countries, like Germany, it’s a legal requirement to use winter tyres in the colder winter months. This law also includes visiting tourists who wish to drive their own car on holiday.
Winter vehicle tyres shouldn't cost you more per tyre than a standard tyre does. There’s a wide variety of tyres to choose from, you can get cheaper budget tyres, or expensive branded tyres in most tyre sizes.

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