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Did you know that your car’s air conditioning system plays an important part in your wellbeing, apart from keeping you cool on a hot summer’s day. That’s why it’s important to keep it functioning correctly.

As well as making the interior of your vehicle a pleasant place to be when it’s hot, car air conditioning helps to purify the air in the cabin of your vehicle. A properly functioning climate control system improves the air quality inside your vehicle by helping to remove pollen, pollution and dust, all of which can cause breathing difficulties.

To keep your air-con running in perfect condition, manufacturers recommend that you should have your car’s air conditioning recharged and serviced every two years. Air conditioning working optimally also has other benefits. It makes it easier to demist your windows in winter, and you can keep your windows closed on hot days. This improves the vehicle's aerodynamics, thus saving fuel.

Expert Air Conditioning Repairs in Petersfield

At 2U Tyres, your car air-con specialists near you, we offer air conditioning services at both of our garages in Petersfield. Our air conditioning specialists are always available to make sure that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is working at its best.

We’ll make sure that the air conditioning temperature is correct as well as ensuring that the refrigerant used in the air-con system is set at the correct level. When our A/C technicians check the operation of your car’s air conditioning system, we also inspect the condition of the air-con’s major components that give trouble. From our experience these include the compressor, drive belts, condenser and hoses. Failure of each will stop your car’s air conditioning from working properly.

When you book your vehicle at 2U Tyres for a car air-con check and regas, we work to the manufacturers’ guidelines when we recharge the refrigerant level in the A/C system. If we find a fault with your air conditioning system causing it not to work during our initial inspection, we’ll discuss the best course of action to take to repair your vehicle.

Another common problem with air conditioning in cars and vans is that you may experience an unpleasant smell or bad odours coming from the air vents on the dashboard of your vehicle. This happens when you turn the air conditioning on. This bad smell is because of a build-up of bacteria and mould on the evaporator, which is behind the dashboard. Bacteria like the damp darkness and multiply quickly, so the unpleasant smell can get quite strong.

At 2U Tyres, we can solve this problem quickly and easily with our specialist anti-bacterial clean air-con treatment service. This will remove up to 99% of the bacteria in the system which cause those bad smells.

How long does an air-con recharge take?

The entire process only takes about 45 minutes, as long as we find nothing wrong with the air conditioning system. To completely remove the old air conditioning gas, check for leaks, and refill with fresh refrigerant for your vehicle, takes no time at all. At 2U Tyres, we offer a ‘while you wait’ air-con recharge service. So, you can sit back and relax with a fresh coffee in one of our comfortable reception areas.

Why is my car air conditioning not cooling?

There could be many reasons your air conditioning is not cooling efficiently. The commonest reason is that the refrigerant gas has escaped or become depleted.

Sometimes this happens because of lack of use, or a mechanical fault. Maybe the compressor has stopped working, or the electrical supply to its clutch has failed. Occasionally the air conditioning condenser gets damaged by a stone from the road, or a pipe will split.

Whatever the reason, when you bring your vehicle to us at 2U Tyres in Petersfield with an air conditioning problem we’ll find the source of your problem, give you a competitive quote, and get your air conditioning working as good as new.

How long does it take to fix the air conditioning in a car?

How long it takes to fix the air conditioning in a car depends on what our experts find wrong with your A/C system. If your A/C has stopped working, we will fill the system with nitrogen gas, which is safe for the environment, and then use a special device to ‘sniff for leaks’.

When we know where the air-con gas is leaking from, we can give you a car air conditioning leak repair cost, for repairing the broken part. For example, to replace an air-con condenser on a Ford Fiesta takes around 1.7 hours, while it will take 5.8 hours on a Mercedes C Class. So, there’s a big difference in cost.

To regas your air conditioning, it’s easier to quote for, as we have fixed regas prices. As a general rule, if your vehicle is registered before 2017 it should have R134a refrigerant gas, although there are some exceptions. Vehicles manufactured after 1st January 2017 will have the newer 1234yf air-con gas, which is better for the environment, but more expensive.

The best way to find out which air-con gas your vehicle uses is to open the bonnet and look for a sticker which will say R134a or 1234yf. This will determine which one is correct for your vehicle.

At 2U Tyres, your best choice of air conditioning experts in Petersfield, we currently charge £74.99 for our R134a air conditioning service and regas. If your vehicle uses the newer 1234yf air-con gas, then the cost of our air-con service is £96.00. Both prices include VAT.

For all of your car air conditioning repairs in Petersfield, 2U Tyres is your No.1 choice for all your vehicle repairs. Our air conditioning specialists will keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, and starting reliably.

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