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Commercial tyres as fitted to heavy goods vehicles are fundamental to road safety as they provide the only contact an HGV vehicle and its load has with the road. Regular basic checks on your HGV tyres can make all the difference to their lifespan and safe operation of your truck.

It’s important to make sure that you maintain tyres and that they are correctly inflated, as the tyre has to support the weight of the vehicle and its load. Correctly maintained commercial tyres keep your HGV stable as it travels around corners. Commercial tyres, in good condition, are designed to work in harmony with the vehicle’s suspension. They also help the vehicle accelerate and brake effectively as well as increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Truck, HGV and Trailer Tyres in Petersfield

At 2U Tyres in Petersfield, we are the #1 choice when you’re looking on Google for “commercial tyres near me”. We offer a commercial tyre fitting service at our Station Road tyre centre, or a mobile tyre fitting service if required. We can fit replacement commercial tyres at the roadside, or in your yard.

We have access to a wide range of commercial tyres for sale at competitive prices for vehicles of all types and sizes. Our commercial tyre fitters have vast expertise and experience in fleet vehicle maintenance and strive to deliver the highest quality of service to all of our customers.

As members of the Tyre Distribution Network we know that if your commercial vehicle is off the road for any length of time, your livelihood is at risk. That’s why we strive to get your new tyres fitted with the minimum of fuss, and get you back on your way, delivering goods to the nation. 

When you bring your truck to us for a new set of boots, you’ll be dealing with professionals that understand the demands you put on your commercial vehicle. From start to finish, our team at 2U Tyres will make the whole tyre replacement process as painless as possible.

What are commercial tyres?

Whilst your lorry tyres may not be worn out and have many more miles in tread depth left on them, if they’re over 10 years old you’ll need to replace them. Since February 2021 new government legislation, the Construction & Use Regulations, do not allow tyres that are over 10 years old to be used on the steering axle of many commercial vehicles. This includes buses, coaches, HGV’s and some minibuses.

The DVSA is strictly enforcing this at the time of your vehicle’s annual test, and roadside checkpoints. Failure to comply could lead to a prohibition notice being applied to the vehicle, as well as an obvious fail at test time. Other than that your commercial tyres must still comply with legislation as to their condition and tread depth at all times.

How many miles do HGV tyres last for?

Unlike car tyres, type of tyres for HGVs are normally retreaded or re-grooved many times to extend their service life. Thus making them a cheaper option than single use tyres.

This means that it’s common for the tyre carcass, which is the body of the tyre, to cover over 400,000 miles before it’s consigned to landfill. Whereas a single use HGV tyre will normally last around 80,000 miles. This is the main reason why around 70% of British haulage firms use retreaded tyres on their fleet of lorries.

Because they use commercial tyres on different vehicles, doing different tasks Heavy Goods Vehicle tyre manufacturers supply tyres with unique characteristics. There are tyres with deep tread patterns for off-road use in quarries and forestry, or tyres that give better MPG for use on motorways.

Tyres fitted to the steering axle of the lorry (the front tyres) will normally wear out quicker than those fitted to the trailer. This is particularly true if the trailer is always used to capacity and hauling heavy weights.

For all of your commercial tyres, and lorry tyres in Petersfield. 2U Tyres is your No.1 choice of tyre fitting centre for all premium tyres. Our automotive specialists will keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, and running reliably.

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