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Your car’s brakes are an essential safety feature of your vehicle that you should maintain regularly. You use your car’s brakes frequently. Do you know how often you use your car’s brake system to slow you down, or stop?

Statistics show that while driving in an urban setting, you use your car's brakes at least 20 times every 16 minutes. That amounts to a lot of wear and tear on the braking system of your car, or van.

There’s more to your car’s brakes components than just the brake pads and brake discs. There’s; master cylinders, compensator valves, servo units, brake pipes, brake hoses, brake calipers, brake cylinders, brake shoes, brake drums and brake fluid. All of which need maintenance and repairing from time to time to stop your car quickly and safely.

In addition to the normal braking system of your vehicle many vehicles have an anti locking brake system, or ABS for short. This is a computer controlled monitoring and actuation system that stops your wheels braking too hard in the event of an emergency stop. Thus, stopping you skidding and losing control of your vehicle.

Expert car brake repairs at 2U Tyres in Petersfield

At your local garage in Petersfield, 2UTyres, our friendly team of mechanics are fully trained, and experienced in all forms of automotive brake systems. From vintage vehicles with cable and rod operated brakes, to supercars with ceramic brake discs and four pot calipers, we have the experience and knowledge to get you back on the road. And stopping on a sixpence in no time at all.

2U Tyres in Petersfield is a superb choice of local garage if you are looking for brake discs and pads to be fitted near you. We’re happy to carry out a brake inspection on your vehicle and advise you on a cost effective brake repair if necessary.

Are worn brake discs an MOT failure?

The MOT test is a check to find out if your vehicle is safe to be driven on the road. Your car’s brakes are a significant part of the MOT checks carried out on your vehicle. However, ‘worn brake discs’ may not be a reason for failure during the brake check procedure. This is because a brake disc needs to be very worn for it to fail the MOT test.

The MOT criteria for a brake disc to fail the MOT test for wear says that the ‘brake disc must be significantly and obviously worn’ for it to fail. This part of the MOT test is subjective and relies on the experience of the MOT tester to determine how worn the brake disc actually is.

At 2U Tyres we’re happy to say that all of our MOT testers have many years of mechanical experience. So, assessing the level of wear to your vehicle’s brake discs is easy for them. But, just because a brake disc passes an MOT test for wear, does not mean it will last a long time.

The MOT test is only a set of ‘minimum standards’ used to evaluate testable items on the day of the MOT test. For example: a brake disc that passes an MOT test could still be worn well below the vehicle’s manufacturer's minimum thickness for wear, thus affecting your braking efficiency and stopping distance. So, we would still advise you that your brake discs, and matching brake pads should be repaired to maintain both your own safety, and your vehicle’s reliability.

How much does it cost to repair car brake pads and discs?

It is difficult to accurately answer the question: How much to replace brake pads & discs? As there are many different vehicles, fitted with different braking systems. The cost to replace the brake pads and discs on a Ford Fiesta will be a lot cheaper than replacing those on a McLaren F1.

To be sure of the cost to replace your vehicle's brake pads and discs please call us on 01730 233399 to get an accurate quote. However, the average cost to replace your front brake discs and pads at 2U Tyres would be £220.00. From our experience, most car brake discs and pads repair costs range from £140 to £400 for most vehicles.

How do I know if my car’s brake discs need replacing?

Often, you won’t. This is another good reason to have your car or van serviced regularly by our qualified automotive mechanics at 2U Tyres.

Brake discs wear slowly over many thousands of miles, so you can’t detect that there’s wear by just driving your vehicle. To know the exact amount of wear there is to your brake discs they need to be measured using an engineers caliper. Then, the remaining thickness of your brake disc can be compared to the vehicle manufacturers guidelines for replacement.

There will be times when you know that there’s something wrong with your car’s brakes, but these may not be because your brake discs are worn.

Common symptoms of worn brakes you will detect include:

  • Grinding noises from the brakes when you apply pressure to the brake pedal.
  • Juddering of the foot brake pedal as you apply the brakes to stop your vehicle.
  • An increase of stopping distance when braking.
  • The brake pedal travels closer to the floor than it used to do.
  • A warning light illuminates on your vehicle's dashboard.
  • Vibrations occur when you slow down.

For all of your car brake repairs in Petersfield, 2U Tyres is your No.1 choice for all your vehicle repairs. Our car brake specialists will keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, and stopping on a sixpence.

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