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Having four good tyres on your car, or van is paramount for your safety, particularly when the road is wet. Tyres that are bald, have wires poking out from the sidewall, or are deformed, can be dangerous to use.
UK law sets the minimum tread depth required for a tyre to 1.6mm, you can measure this using the edge of a 20p coin. This minimum requirement applies to the central three-quarters of the tyre’s tread width and around its entire circumference. Tyres that fall below this minimum standard will fail the MOT test.

If you’re driving your car or van with tyres below this limit, and get stopped by the police for a roadside inspection, you could face a fine. The fine for using your car on the road with a tyre below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm of tread left is up to £2500, and three penalty points on your driving licence. If you have more than one bald tyre, they could fine you up to £10,000 and disqualify you from driving for several months.

So, it’s important to check the condition of your car tyres, or van tyres regularly. If your tyres are worn, and need replacing, call us on 01730 233399 for a competitive quote on your new tyres.

The Best Car & Van Tyres in Petersfield

For those looking for 'car tyres near me' 2U Tyres is the answer, at least in Petersfield! We’re your friendly Black Circles Premier Garage, a great tyre shop and the best tyre fitting centre near you.

When you choose 2U Tyres in Petersfield as your #1 supplier for car tyres in Petersfield, you know you're in safe hands. We’ve supplied premium tyres at competitive prices, as well as cheap car tyres to customers in Petersfield and the surrounding areas since 2003.

At 2U Tyres we supply premium tyres from Bridgestone, Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, Goodyear, and Michelin, and stock Original Equipment tyres (OE) for most makes and models. We’re also an official Hankook outlet, these are our mid-range tyres of choice, and we also supply a range of quality budget brand tyres. We have the biggest range of van tyres and car tyres in stock in Petersfield that are ready to fit, while you wait.

Our knowledgeable tyre experts will advise you on the best car tyre for your driving requirements, and help you find the right tyre at a low car tyre price that won't break the bank.

From winter tyres to run flats, and tyres with strengthened sidewalls for heavier loads, to high performance tyres with maximum speed ratings, we’ve got the correct tyre for your vehicle.

Which tyre is best for a car?

When you’re considering what tyres will be best for your car you need to think about the kind of driving you do. You’ll also need to decide what tyre characteristics are important to you. Finally, you’ll need to decide if you can only afford budget tyres, or will you invest in a premium brand tyre, like a Michelin.

Choosing the best tyres for your car, or van, is often a trade-off between these things. If you can afford it, it’s always better to choose the best from each category. But, you might find a budget brand tyre that’s still got good characteristics, like grip in the wet, or low noise levels. So, choosing the best tyre for your car is really down to personal preference, as well as affordability.

How do I choose tyres for my car?

Your car’s tyres are crucial to your safety when driving your car, they also influence your vehicle's total performance - including fuel consumption and safety. So, when you wear your car or van tyres down from heavy braking, or overuse, it’s important that you get the right set of replacement tyres for your vehicle.

You should choose tyres that match the kind of vehicle you drive, commercial tyres for a truck, 4x4 tyres for your Landrover, or low profiles for your Porsche.

You should stick with the same OE tyres for your vehicle, but you could upgrade to a premium tyre brand, or downgrade to a budget tyre if money is tight. 

Of course, you must select the correct size of tyre to replace the worn ones your vehicle currently has. You can find the size of tyre currently fitted to your car, or van on the tyre’s sidewall. You will see a combination of characters similar to this: 195/55R17 94H. Or you can check in your vehicle’s owners handbook to see what tyres were fitted to the vehicle when it left the factory.

You should then consider what tyre characteristics are important to you. Do you want tyres that will last a long time but make more noise, or is better grip more important than wear?

Next you’ll need to think about where you drive most of the time. Do you need off-road tyres for a farm vehicle? Or, will you be driving on the motorway all day long? Will you need the versatility of all-season tyres, or do you prefer the specific advantages of winter or summer tyres? 

All of these questions will help you choose the best tyres for your car or van.

Are cheap Tyres worth it?

Possibly. It really depends on your individual requirements. Cheap tyres may be suitable if your vehicle is only used to potter around town. But, if you pound the tarmac on a motorway, it would be better to fit premium branded tyres to your car, or van.

On the downside, premium tyres come at a premium price, but there’s a reason for that. Premium tyre brands like Continental, Pirelli, or Michelin invest a lot of money in developing car and van tyres that offer improved wear, grip and fuel efficiency. Whereas budget tyres, with a cheap price tag, haven’t undergone the same development, so don’t perform as well.

This is particularly true when you consider the noise they make on the tarmac, or how they grip in the wet. There are exceptions, of course, not all budget tyres are terrible.


Some tyre brands that could be thought of as a budget brand actually perform very well. Hankook, for example, is a cheaper tyre brand, but has very good tyre ratings for wear, noise and grip under the new EU tyre labelling requirements.

These cheaper tyres at the upper band of budget tyres are often an excellent compromise for general use. As they offer better wear and fuel efficiency than the cheapest tyres do. Often tyres like the ones offered by Hankook benefit from a similar investment in technology as the premium brands do, but at a more reasonable price.

For all of your car tyres, and van tyres in Petersfield. 2U Tyres is your No.1 choice of tyre fitting centre for all premium tyres. Our automotive specialists will keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, and running reliably.

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