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MOT Test Fees and Retest Costs at 2U Tyres in Petersfield

The maximum fee for an MOT test is set by the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency), which is a government department. We display the current MOT costs in 2021 in our comfortable reception area, on the MOT test fees poster. Prior to being the DVSA the test was governed by an organisation known as VOSA, and before that, The Ministry of Transport. Which is where the name for your annual vehicle safety inspection comes from.

DVSA MOT test fees vary a lot between garages that offer MOT testing facilities to their clients. This is because the DVSA allows individual garages that offer MOTs to choose their own MOT test fees, as long as they don’t exceed the published prices by the DVSA.

Some MOT test centres will even do it for only a few pounds, treating the MOT test as a ‘loss leader’. But this leaves the integrity of the MOT scheme wide open to abuse by unscrupulous garages and Motorist Discount Chains.

It’s widely known in the ‘trade’ that some of these chains put pressure on their staff to ‘meet targets’. We often hear stories from our clients who’ve chosen to opt for a heavily discounted MOT test, only to leave that garage with a bill for repairs they did not need. These bills often run into hundreds of pounds. That’s money that you could have saved by using an MOT Test Station, like 2U Tyres in Petersfield.

Our MOT Test Fees in Petersfield

We are proud to run both of our garages in Petersfield in a way that does not pressure it’s staff to ‘find things wrong’ for no reason. Our MOT testers don’t have targets to meet, nor do they get cash bonuses for up-selling work.

Instead, we want to offer our customers consistent, fair, and honest MOT tests as well as servicing and other vehicle repairs. For that reason, our MOT test fees are in line with DVSA requirements, which you will find detailed below. Or, you can visit the website for more information about the cost of an MOT.

How Much Is The Retest Fee?

At 2U Tyres we do not charge an MOT test fee for a retest if you leave your vehicle with us for repair following an MOT failure. However, there are MOT retest fees, inline with DVSA requirements, if you remove your vehicle following a test failure.

These are:

If you return your vehicle for retesting the following working day for a retest, and it’s only failed on items from a specified list of testable items that have failed - No MOT Retest Fee

If you can’t have your vehicle repaired before the end of the following working day, but return for your retest within 10 working days, there is a partial retest fee as recommended by the DVSA, but at 2U tyres we waive that fee for our customers.

In all other cases the full MOT test Fee will be payable.

How Many Days Do I Have To Repair My Vehicle If It Fails The MOT Test?

This really depends on how long you take to repair your vehicle if it fails the MOT test, and if you don’t mind paying for the MOT test again.

If your vehicle fails the test on many testable items, it might mean that your vehicle can’t be efficiently repaired, in that case you’ll have to consider what to do next. In that case there is no time limit. But, regardless of that, if you return the vehicle over 10 working days for a retest, the full MOT test fee will be due.

To take advantage of our FREE RETEST Option, you have to repair your vehicle and return it back for retest within 10 working days.

Can I Take My Vehicle Away If It Fails The Test?

Of course. You can take your vehicle away if your MOT certificate is still valid. However, your vehicle still needs to meet the minimum standards of roadworthiness at all times, or you may face a fine.

So, if it fails the MOT Test, even with a valid MOT certificate, it’s likely that your vehicle will not be roadworthy. So, you should not drive it on the road.

If your MOT has run out, you can take your vehicle to:

  1. Have the failed defects fixed
  2. A pre-arranged MOT test appointment

But again, to drive your vehicle legally on the highway, it MUST be roadworthy.

Of course, at 2U tyres we have fully trained motor vehicle technicians in both branches who are very skilled at getting our customers' vehicles back on the road, with the minimum of fuss. You’ll also avoid the MOT retest fee by leaving your vehicle with us for repair.

The MOT fee depends on the type of vehicle being tested. Each vehicle falls into its own class for the test. At 2U Tyres we test the five main classes of vehicles on the road.

These are laid out in the tables of MOT test fees for each 2U Tyres branch below:

Station Road Test Centre:

MOT Vehicle Class MOT Test Fee
Class 4 MOT
(Cars & Small Vans)

Bedford Road Test Centre:

Service Price
MOT Test Class 1/2 £29.65
MOT Test Class 4 £54.85
MOT Class 7 £58.60

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