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MOT Test in Petersfield at 2U Tyres

If you are looking for an MOT test in Petersfield, you've come to the right place. 2U tyres have been carrying out cheap MOT tests for the last 20 years in Petersfield. At both our original MOT centre in Station Road, and in more recent years, at our Bedford Road Tyre and MOT Service Centre. So, no matter where you live in and around Petersfield, for excellent customer service, MOTs and vehicle repairs, we have an MOT test centre near you.

Your MOT Test in Petersfield - Explained

An MOT test is an annual inspection of your motor vehicle. You can MOT your vehicle early, up to 30 days from the expiry date of your current MOT certificate. All vehicles over 3 years old need an MOT test. There are different MOT tests depending on the type of vehicle you have.

At 2U Tyres in Petersfield, we carry out MOT tests at both of our DVSA authorised MOT Test Garages, so there’s bound to be one near you. At our Station Road workshop we MOT cars, small vans, large vans, motorhomes, and scooters. While at our Bedford Road MOT workshop we also service and MOT large vans and motorhomes.

The MOT test is designed to ensure that at least once a year, your vehicle is checked for; vehicle safety, roadworthiness, road safety, and environmental standards, by one of our DVSA accredited technicians. The MOT tester will complete a thorough inspection of your vehicle and will check the condition of your vehicle against a defined list of defects issued by the DVSA.

How much does an MOT cost in 2021?

MOT tests vary in price depending on the type of vehicle being tested and their MOT Class.

At 2U tyres in Petersfield we charge:

  • £54.85* for class 4 MOT tests on cars and small vans.
  • £58.60* for class 7 MOT tests on larger vans under 3500kg.

You can find out more information on MOT prices and retest fees on our MOT test fees page.

* Prices correct as of 1st July 2021

Is an MOT Test the same as a service?

No, an MOT test and a car service are quite different. The MOT focuses on safety and only applies a minimum set of standards to very specific components of the vehicle. Whereas a car service makes sure that your vehicle remains reliable and safe to drive.

A good example would be your vehicle's engine oil, on a car service we would replace your old engine oil and filter as part of the servicing and repair schedules. But, on an MOT test we are really only interested in oil leaks from your engine, we would not change your engine oil on an MOT test.

How long can I drive without MOT?

Put simply, you can't. It is currently illegal to drive any vehicle on UK roads without a valid MOT certificate, unless your vehicle is exempt. Or, unless you’re on the way to the garage for your pre-booked MOT appointment or retest.

If you drive your vehicle on the road without a valid MOT test you risk, if involved in an accident, or being stopped by the police, a fine of up to £1000. Or more, if your vehicle is unroadworthy.

There is also the risk of being prosecuted for driving without insurance, because for your insurance to be valid, you must have a roadworthy vehicle.

If your vehicle fails its MOT test at 2U tyres in Petersfield, there is no charge for a retest. As long as you bring your vehicle back to us for a retest within 10 working days.

Does an MOT test make my car “roadworthy”?

Yes, and no. The MOT test only checks certain vehicle components and systems for operation, condition, and wear. It's worth remembering that the MOT test is only a check on the condition of a vehicle's components on the day of the test. Even if you have a valid MOT certificate, it does not mean your vehicle will remain in a roadworthy condition for the length of the MOT certificate.

It's your responsibility to ensure roadworthiness of your vehicle at all times. A good example of this would be your car tyres.

To pass an MOT test, the tyre must have a minimum of 1.6 mm of tread left on the tyre. But, what if you then drive the car for 100 miles? Maybe the tyre tread will now only be 1.5 mm deep. This tyre would then become illegal, and by default your vehicle, unroadworthy.
An MOT test is only a representation of your vehicle's condition at the time of test, nothing more.

Can I book an MOT online?

Yes, when your MOT is due you can use our online booking facility 24/7. All you need to do is visit our online booking page, and enter your vehicle details. Then, choose either our Bedford Road, or Station Road MOT Centre, and enter your desired day and time that you would like to book your vehicle in for an MOT test.

Can I get an MOT on a Sunday?

Although we’d love to be open to serve the motoring needs of people in and around Petersfield every day, our team of skilled mechanics and MOT testers need some downtime, at least once a week! Therefore, unfortunately, at 2U tyres in Petersfield, we're closed on Sundays.

What documents do I need for MOT?

You do not need to bring any documents with you for an MOT test at 2U tyres in Petersfield. We can access everything we need as an approved MOT testing centre in Petersfield online, thanks to a recent Government initiative for the MOT test.

They now store all MOT documents online, just as your road tax and insurance information is. Even the MOT history of your previous passes and failures are stored online, and can be viewed by anyone if they’re interested in your vehicle's history. This facility is great if you want to check the repair history of a car or van you’re interested in buying.

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