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There are many types of motorcycles, consequently there are different types of motorcycle tyres. Motorcycle tyres vary depending on speed, terrain, and weather. So, you should always buy the correct tyres for your application.

Your tyres are the most important thing on your bike that you should spend your money on. You should always get the best tyres possible, after all your life depends on them.

Cheap motorbike tyres are not a good idea for many reasons, which is why we only supply motorcycle tyres from premium brands like; Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, & Metzeler.

Great Deals On Motorcycle Tyres in Petersfield

At 2U Tyres in Petersfield, we are Hampshire's #1 supplier of top quality branded motorcycle tyres for sale to our discerning customers. With your best interests at heart, we only supply a range of tyres from excellent quality motorcycle tyre manufacturers like Avon, Bridgestone, Continental, Metzeler, and Michelin motorcycle tyres.

Our motorcycle tyre technicians are also bike enthusiasts themselves, so you can be assured that they really know what they’re doing while working on your machine.

Feel free to pop in at any time and one of our motorcycle tyre fitting experts will check your motorcycle tyres for wear, damage and condition. If needed, we’ll help you find the right tyre and advise you on what replacement tyres would be best for your machine and driving style.

If you’re new to biking, or have never bought replacement tyres before, we’ll also explain the necessary ‘running in’ process needed to get the best from your brand new boots.

It’s worth remembering that worn tyres with less than 2.5mm of tyre tread depth left on them begin to lose their grip, especially in the wet. They’re also more susceptible to punctures and damage caused by sharp objects. So, always keep your tyres in good condition and check them regularly as part of your maintenance schedule.

What type of motorcycle tyre do I need?

When your motorbike was developed by the manufacturer, they worked with a tyre manufacturer to develop a pair of tyres that would best suit the bike. We often refer to these tyres as OE (Original Equipment) tyres.

When you are looking for a set of replacement motorcycle tyres, look for tyres that are a direct replacement for your OE Tyres. Often your owner’s manual will contain a list of suitable approved alternative tyres and their tyre sizes. As well as details of the tyres originally fitted at the factory to your motorcycle.

You should always choose an approved replacement tyre that suits your riding style. Racing tyres, for example, will give you plenty of grip once they warm up, but will be slippy until they do. Whereas sports, or sports touring tyres are better for your bike if you plan to ride all year round.

Do I need to replace both of my tyres?

As your safety relies on what’s keeping your motorcycle stuck to the road, then yes.

Motorcycle tyres often perform better when used in a balanced state of wear. You should also never mix tyre brands. If you do, you risk coming off your bike because different tyre brands provide different levels of grip. Therefore, your braking and cornering grip will become out of balance, and make the handling difficult to manage.

You should also be mindful if you choose to mix the different types of motorcycle tyre construction on your vehicle, or you will fail the MOT test. If you mix tyre types, you must follow this chart:

Front Motorcycle Tyre Rear Motorcycle Tyre
Radial Radial
Bias Radial
Crossply Radial
Bias Bias
Crossply Bias
Crossply Bias

What tyre pressure do I need for my motorcycle tyres?

Your motorcycle’s tyre pressures have an enormous impact on how your bike handles, and how many miles per gallon you get from it. Correct tyre pressures provide more grip, and help your tyres last longer as well as improve handling.

It’s easy to check your tyre’s pressure using a simple tyre pressure gauge that you can buy at many motoring discount centres. Once you’ve found your tyre’s pressure you can check it against the recommended tyre pressure from the motorcycle manufacturer. You can find the tyre pressures for your vehicle in the owner's manual.

Over inflated tyres can lead to a loss of grip and poor handling, while under inflated tyres will wear quicker, use more fuel, and make handling heavy.

For all of your motorcycle tyres, in Petersfield, 2U Tyres is your No.1 choice of tyre fitting centre for all premium tyres. Our automotive specialists will keep your vehicle in tip-top condition, and running reliably.

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